Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have been in the MFA Printmaking program at RISD for 6 weeks now, and thought I would share some of, what I consider, the more successful pieces I have made. We will begin with this xylograph, which I consider a "proof of concept" after a two year hiatus from relief.

I am beginning to understand Lithography, and as such have returned to charcoal for my studies.
A failed experiment for photographic Lithography. Gouache on drawing film.

6 color, handmade serigraph.
4 color Serigraph

Serigraph drawn in relief.
15 color handmade serigraph
I have taken to painting with gouache as studies for serigraphy.
Plate Lithograph
Stone Lithograph. I really do hate lithography.
Paper stencil Serigraph
4 color Serigraph
5 Color Serigraph
Gouache Drawing.

It has only been a month and a half, and yet I have already let go of many of my preconceived rules regulating my artistic practice. Right now, everything is wide open, and I am extremely excited moving forward. Above my desk is a note exclaiming "DONT PUSSYFOOT," and it remains the most important notion regarding my practice.

As always, the best is yet to come.

Warm Regards from out east,