Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guerillas in the Mix (continuous track) WAYZOUT

Guerillas in the Mix (continuous track) by WAYZOUT

These songs are a collection new mastered material as well as some raw dirty pre computer tape sessions from the many great minds I've met throughout the years and have had the honor to call friends, some with us some no longer. The songs span over a decades worth of work, 1 track even dates back to 1997. Enjoy with open ears and know that some of these cuts your only gonna hear right here! I have so many talented friends that didn't make this volume so Vol .2 is a must! stay tuned

1. Guerilla Swagger- Wayzout
2. This One's (Kolor Grey Remix)- Mane Rok & Deejay Tense
3. Dopeheads D.o.c./ Kolor Grey & Decca-2099 Kolor Grey
4. Future Sailors (Strange Powers Remix)- The Mighty Boosh
5. Eighteenth Thru The City- Ancient Mith
6. Desire (Alert Remix)- Modern Witch
7. Inspired(Dan Gobi Mix)- Kolor Grey& Wayzout
8. Guerilla City- Lil Wayne
9. Walk 2 This- Dj Cavem
10. Carving(Subjects To Change)- Wayzout
11. Brain Dead Toaster Head- Terminus
12. Electrocrush- Babah Fly
13. Crushing Idols- Slow Poke & Soul 26
14. Git Down- Decca
15. Uprising- Wetworks
16. Friends- Zez & Tommy V
17. Wcw- Graphx
18. Guerilla Gardening- Theem One
19. Overcast- Nimrod
20. Viajero Espacial- Drop Logik
21. Hi Lows- Mike Wird
22. Cyber Trenchcoat- Saint
23. Character Map- Strange Powers
24. Haram- Saint
25. The Way I Proceed- Bspaz,wayzout & Dj Melt
26. Snakes In The Garden- Decca & Afrika Sam

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