Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CHAC on Saturday September 11th from 1pm – 3pm

Special Invitation from Jeremy Silas Ulibarri, aka JOLT

JOLT would like to invite members of the community to join together at CHAC on Saturday September 11th from 1pm – 3pm to discuss ideas for an exciting mural venture as well as invite artists to discuss making art a career. Please join us!

The GuerillaGarden has recently partnered with the Denver Housing Authority to create a monumental public art mural for a new residence center in the South Lincoln Community. This is an exciting venture project.

The GuerillaGarden is the brainchild of Jeremy Silas Ulibarri, aka JOLT, and has since become a springboard for a variety of educational and out -reach projects. As a Denver native, JOLT’s work has a central focus on community involvement. In JOLT’s view “It isn’t enough that artists produce great ideas in isolation… Artists must find a way to connect themselves to the larger picture, which is the society and community in which they live.”

The out-reach efforts led by JOLT landed him the Westword MasterMind Award for 2010. In the press release JOLT spoke about the public role of art and the artist: “My work has been guided by an underlying aesthetic philosophy that attempts to ‘naturalize the urban environment.’ Softening the hard steel and institutional walls of the industry is a social imperative. For the health of social consciousness, artists must inject an element of abstracted ecology into industrial structures.” As a perfect metaphor JOLT sees himself as a gardener, adding color to urban landscapes.

Sincerely, The GuerillaGarden Studios

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