Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday, August 27

Zebra Party
Friday, August 27

Visuals by:
Diego Rodriguez/
Quenton Rice

Sounds by:
Dj Cavem/
Riley and Shae

Guerilla Garden Studios' latest project---Zebra Party---is a celebration in black-and-white. It's our big hurrah-hurrah at the end of the summer, our way of toasting to several landmark events at the studio and saying thank you to all of our hardcore supporters in Denver. Although it appears we've been off-the-radar for the last six months, we've actually been working intensely to expand our projects beyond the doors of the studio. We ventured out, honed our senses, exacted our energies, and accomplished what we had set out to do. Now we've returned from our summer odyssey, and we feel it's time to show some love and appreciation. Join us as we celebrate.

Guerilla Garden Studios
3821 Steele St., Unit A
Denver, CO 80205

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GrittyVelvet said...

This is going to be dope! Can't wait to see what everyone wears.