Friday, August 16, 2013

Globeville Mural Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place August 11th celebrating the finished mural.  This mural is in one of the Denver neighborhoods that I grew up in called Globeville aka The Ville or North/East Denver.The name Globeville comes from The Globe Smelter which was built in the late 1800's and at one time employed 2000 Eastern Europeans that created the neighborhood.  In the late 80's it became one of the most toxic places in the United States.  The Globe Smelter later became Asarco which continued to operate until 2005.  My mom still lives across the street.  Globeville is reported to have the highest crime rate in the city, is 92 percent Latino and has been ignored as a community up until now that a big plan for gentrification is being implemented. I was able to connect a lot of organization and offices to make this mural happen. I worked with a group of 14 young artist to design and paint the mural from a organization called PlatteForum and cannot say enough good things about how excited about the future these young people make me. Councilwoman Judy Montero's office was huge in making it possible to place the mural where I envisioned.  This is first time that CDOT has allowed a mural be created on highway property! Denver Arts And Venues gave me a little bit of money to get supplies.  A lot of favors were called in to make this happen and I'd like to thank those businesses...Swinerton Construction hooked up a lift, Pro Coat gave me the clear coat, Habitat For Humanity gave us paint for the border and Anthony Rojas from the block held us down with hospitality and cooked food that Cruiser Magazine and Globeville Meds supplied.  I would also like to thank all of my friends that helped to make this happen...I couldn't have done it without you!  The art is self evident but I will point out the smelter being destroyed under the banner, the young boy's hoodie, the soil in his hands, the hard working father cultivating the earth, the women's wrap and monarch buttery.