Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spray-cation Miami (Art Basel)

Art Basel...Mannnn I loved it.

There's a few reasons why Art Basel was necessary to check out this year..1. The weather was about to hit below zero in The Mile High, 2. It was time to spend some much needed time with my homie East..and 3. a "spray cation" no fine art, murals, nada..just some straight graff was something I've been craving for a while!
So with that in mind, I purchased a ticket last minute and tagged along with E, we hit Miami with zero plans or expectations which I feel made the trip that much better!
I returned to Denver refreshed, relaxed, inspired, and happy! I haven't seen that much graff since "Paint Louis" and have never in my life seen that many murals! The galley shows where off the hook, the food was bangin..and the women (yo just go to Miami B!)
Art Basel is a must for everyone to check out at least once, I made a lot of friends and reconnected with some old ones.
Shout out to Eric and Perla for sharing there home, Jersey Joe for giving us a shit ton of paint, Pad4(DanielSon) for reminding me of what innocence looks like, Juicy for taking us to hear some amazing music and the shout outs on the radio, Apex for giving us even more paint, Jick for being down to finally connect on the "Jick Jolty" joint, Cushy for the hospitality, Wane and East for the education, Abstrkt and Ticoe, and Syco and The Dirty Jersey homies..come to Denver, I got y'all.