Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whats really fresh.

Every once in a while I get kicked down with some free gear, I'd like to take this time to show you what Im feeling.

My folks at The Pros And Cons based out of LA always hook me, and if you have been paying attention you know I already have a design out for PNC, I have almost every T they have put out and have to say every single one is on hit....check them out at and be on the look out for the new fitteds* uh hummm

My guy Arae over at always shows love when most these locals forget. If you think your on your local underground game than you should have all these T's and if your sleeping now you know. Check for his new t which is a fresh take on the Broncos logo.

Last but not least my man Steel over at 1333 Minna hooked me up with these new hats, hands down the some of the classiest and most intricate headwear I have owned. If your familliar with the brand Goorin Bros. than your aware of the quailty to expect from 1333 Minna with designs from Steel, Reyes, Retna, Yutaro Sakai, and Orly Locquiao

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