Saturday, September 22, 2007

WestWords best of......

It's kind of random but the WestWord newspaper voted GuerillaGarden Denver's best "graffiti advocate". I'm thinking it came about due to us telling Marc Ecko to fuck himself.
Thanks Jared!

Guerilla Garden
Guerilla Garden ain't no bunch of tag-bangers. The crew is Denver's unofficial graffiti-advocacy organization, and its members are some of the city's top graffers, including Jher, Jolt, Voice, Crims, and Emit. Since forming in 2005, they've worked with several programs that promote graffiti as an artistic endeavor -- not a facet of thug life -- and have become a conduit for underground muralists to break into art galleries. If one of these guys (or their followers) deigns to hit your garage, it's because you're paying them cash money to do so.